Exploratory Journaling for Tumultuous Times

Now including an extra month of prompts

and in-person connection sessions!

A two-month guided journey to build emotional awareness, self-responsiveness, community, and resilience

If you…

Feel overwhelmed by heavy feelings about the state of the world…

Are looking for self-paced support programs…

Want to process your feelings within the privacy of your journal…

Crave artistic self-expression…

Seek to explore your emotional landscape with support and spaciousness…


This program was designed for you.

It is hard work to live with open hearts in a world that can break them at any moment.

So many of us who love this Earth have been grieving for a long time.

We feel heartbroken and exhausted by cultural cycles of separation, oppression, and trauma. We feel angry, depleted, powerless, and numb. Often worst of all, we feel isolated from others. We carry so much of this pain alone.

These feelings are healthy responses to climate emergency, species extinction, social injustice, violence, and displacement. These feelings have the power to enliven us, teach us about ourselves and our emotional landscape, and bring us back into connection with each other and the more-than-human world around us.

Despite how chaotic these times may feel, our feelings remind us of our life force. We are still here. We are still deeply-feeling animals, daring to love on a changing planet.

We are alive. And our aliveness deserves expression.

 How it works:

1. Receive about 3 prompts per week to your email, for two months

2. Respond to the prompts in your journal, at your convenience

3. Join any of the 4 online embodied connection sessions to meet other writers

4. Using the practices of writing and group sharing, build the language, emotional awareness, and self-responsiveness to express complex thoughts and feelings about the state of the world

Your feelings have something to tell you.

We want to help you remember how to listen.


Writing Through It is a two-month online writing exploration that gives you space to tell the truth about how you’re living through these chaotic and uncertain times.

This is a place to tap into your creativity to express thoughts and feelings that can’t find a home in other areas of your life. It is a place to build community with people who share your grief, rage, dread, and fear.   

In this program, you will engage with your heavy feelings on a weekly basis. You will put pen to paper – or fingers to keys – to tell the story of how you are navigating this Great Turning. You will be given a space to share your story with others, and hear their stories too.

This is not a space where you will find solutions, advice, or fixes; this is a place where you will be invited to explore questions without straightforward answers. It is a place to get curious about what happens in your mind and body when you slow don’t instead of rushing to solutions. It is a place to practice art-based activism. It is a place to remember how to speak hard truths. And more importantly, it is a place to remember how to listen.

Throughout this 8-week program, you will receive weekly prompts from a Good Grief Network facilitator, which you will be invited to respond to by writing and sharing reflections with your fellow participants in a private digital circle, as well as during the four live embodied connection sessions.

The digital space will be facilitated by two GGN FLOW Facilitators, who will also participate in the digital space and connection sessions. Because this space is designed to support you when you most need it, this program is largely asynchronous. Meaning, there is no specified writing time, and your presence in the sharing spaces is not mandatory; you are invited to access the digital circle and connection sessions at your convenience.

This Journaling Program is intended to serve as a complement to Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program, which is is a peer-to-peer support group where people come together to process their heavy feelings about the state of the world, build resilient communities, and co-vision new futures. GGN’s 10-Step Program has helped thousands of people around the globe navigate heavy emotions, deconstruct cultural narratives, and redefine what meaningful action they can take for themselves and the collective.

Learn more about our 10-Step Program by clicking here.