10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate


Accept the Severity of the Predicament


Practice Being With Uncertainty


Honor My Mortality & The Mortality of All


Do Inner Work


Develop Awareness of Biases & Perception


Practice Gratitude, Witness Beauty, & Create Connections


Take Breaks & Rest


Grieve the Harm I Have Caused


Show Up


Reinvest in Meaningful Efforts

Grief is not a problem to be solved, not a condition to be medicated, but a deep encounter with an essential experience of being human.

– Francis Weller

Join us, as we navigate this essential human experience together. 

10-Step Program

Ten weeks. Ten meetings.

Small groups. Heart-centered process work. Together.

Good Grief Network provides social and emotional support to people who feel overwhelmed about the state of the world. 

Our unique 10-Step Program helps individuals build personal resilience and empowerment and strengthen community ties. Using embodiment exercises, journaling, and group sharing, we create brave and grounded spaces where people can collectively metabolize their heavy feelings.

Our distinct and decentralized 10-Step meetings also provide fertile ground for emergent and innovative visioning. As we connect with community, share vulnerability, and process our heavy emotions, we are able to envision new paradigms, access our unique gifts, and reorient our lives toward action at a time when action is essential.

Digital 10-Step Meetings

Stay safe and join us online.

We are now hosting 10-Step meetings on Zoom. These digital meetings are two hours long and follow the same format as our in-person meetings, but allow for a wider range of participation from folks across different continents and time zones. 

Please join us for one of our upcoming 10-Step groups: 

New 10-Step group in a U.S.- & European-friendly time zone!

Sundays from 10am to 12pm Pacific Time (U.S.) / 7pm to 9pm GMT+2 (Europe & South Africa) starting October 3, 2021.

Join GGN FLOW facilitators Sarah Birch (South Africa) and Lou Leet (U.S.) for the 10-week journey.

New 10-Step group in a European- & Kiwi-friendly time zone!

For EU-, Australia-, & New-Zealand-based Grievers:  Tuesdays from 6am—8am GMT+2 (Europe & South Africa) / 5pm—7pm GMT+12 (New Zealand) from October 5 to December 14, with a one-week break on November 23, 2021.

For U.S.-based Grievers Mondays from 9pm—11pm Pacific Time (U.S.) from October 4 to December 13, 2021, with a one-week break on November 22, 2021.

Join facilitation team Sarah Birch (South Africa) and Rosie Walford (New Zealand) for the 10-week journey.

 New 10-Step group in a U.S.- & Australian-friendly time zone!

For U.S.-based Grievers Tuesdays from 6pm—8pm Pacific / 9pm—11pm Eastern Time (U.S.) from October 12 to December 14, 2021

For Australia-based Grievers:  Wednesdays from 12pm—2pm Eastern (AET) from October 13 to December 15, 2021.

Join facilitation team Andrew Harrell (U.S.) and Sarah Stoeckl (U.S.) for the 10-week journey.

Affiliate 10-Step Programs

Sit in circle with our trained, trusted friends.

Good Grief Network works with individuals and affiliate organizations who we have entrusted to run our 10-Step Program within their own communities.

Check back soon for upcoming affiliate 10-Step Programs!


Facilitating the 10-Step Program

Join the heart-centered revolution.

Are you interested in becoming a GGN-trained facilitator? Stay tuned! We’re launching our online Facilitator Training Academy in mid-2021.

What folks say about facilitating the 10-Steps…


The sacred space of the Good Grief circle is where I began to remember how to listen for my own voice and trust my power, as I learned how to hold space for the yearnings, fears and sorrows, and deep wounds of others. It is the only community where I have felt truly safe to face the immense trauma that has rooted into our way of life, and into my own heart, mind, and body.


This was my second time facilitating these groups and my third time experiencing it and every time I learn more about myself, I learn new resources and ideas, and my gratitude cup is overflowing right now. You have really laid the foundation for people to process their grief and feelings in a way that sparks connection, growth and understanding.