WHY?!? A Good Grief
Network Podcast

Our unique 10-Step Program helps individuals and communities build resilience by creating spaces where people can lean into their painful feelings about the state of the world and reorient their lives toward meaningful action.

Season Two

Episode 4: In It For The Long Haul, Explorations on Emotional Resilience With Carolyn Baker

GGN cofounders, LaUra & Aimee, interview Carolyn Baker. Baker has written 13 books, most on them focusing on emotional resilience. The three chat about what collapse means: civilization, biosphere, and personal. They share tools they use to sustain themselves in this dark time and talk about Carolyn’s upcoming book with Andrew Harvey.



Episode 3: Grief, Grit, and Grace – A Conversation With Mirabai Starr

Aimee & LaUra interview Aimee’s beloved mentor and friend Mirabai Starr. Mirabai is an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature. They discuss the divine feminine, COVID-19 & how we’re experiencing a collective dark night of the soul, finding joy after heartwrenching loss, and grief’s invitation to transform us.



Episode 2: Facing The Climate Emergency with Margaret Klein Salamon

LaUra & Aimee interview Margaret Klein Salamon of The Climate Mobilization about her new book, Facing The Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth.



Episode 1: A Field Guide to Climate (Coronavirus) Anxiety

Aimee & LaUra interview Dr. Sarah Jaquette Ray about her new book: A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety.



Season One

Episode 14: Beyond Shame: Asking For Help

Aimee & LaUra offer an update on the Good Grief Network and two retreats they are raising funds for. It’s been more than a year since they moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Hear about the growth they’ve experienced and what their next steps are.

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Episode 13: Radical Joy For Hard Times with Trebbe Johnson

LaUra Schmidt & Aimee Lewis-Reau speak with Trebbe Johnson about her organization and book both named Radical Joy For Hard Times.

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Episode 12: Buddhist Economics with Dr. Clair Brown

Aimee Lewis-Reau and LaUra Schmidt interview Dr. Clair Brown, economics professor at Berkeley about a new economic paradigm.

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Episode 11: An Activist Journey

Aimee and LaUra interview Adair Kovac, the Good Grief Network’s Utah organizer. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation about their path to activism, their journey, and how each of us can get involved in our community.

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Episode 10: Boo! Leveraging Fear with Courage

Aimee and LaUra talk about what scares them, they share insights and tools for how to combat fear, shine light on our inner-shadows, and the importance of civil discourse.

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Episode 9: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Aimee and LaUra chat about their second week on the road where they presented at the Uplift Climate Conference in Albuquerque, NM. They were joined by a reporter, Avi Scher from NYC, where they presented practices and tactics for build community and psychosocial resilience. They chat about entering the flow state, emergence, standing on the shoulders of giants, and how inspiration and truth act as guides.

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Episode 8: The Hard Stuff

LaUra and Aimee discuss Aimee’s recent vision fast and how we must train ourselves to do difficult things to make ourselves better people and our world a better place.

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Episode 7: Conflict as an Invitation to Go Deeper

LaUra and Aimee discuss Aimee’s recent vision fast and how we must train ourselves to do difficult things to make ourselves better people and our world a better place.

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Episode 6: Ten Steps to Resilience in a Chaotic Climate

LaUra and Aimee explain their 10 step program that leads to psychosocial resilience from systemic existential threats.

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Episode 5: Why Grieve?

Aimee and LaUra dive into their definition of grief and reflect on its importance for establishing individual resilience.

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Episode 4: How Personal Grief Shapes Activism

Aimee and LaUra share some tools they use to re-engage in activism when the despair seems suffocating.

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Episode 3: WHY Good Grief?

LaUra and Aimee explain the origins of Good Grief Network.

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Episode 2: Showing Up & The Shame Game

LaUra and Aimee discuss what it means to “show up” in our lives, as activists, and for others.

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Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to Episode One of the WHY?!? A Good Grief Network Podcast. Each week, Aimee Lewis Reau and LaUra Schmidt answer questions about their progress on their book.


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If you want to dive deeper into the topics we discuss in our materials and on our podcast,

Move with Us!

If you want help connecting to your body, follow along with the exercises below to help you relax, get in touch with your feelings, and release tension or numbness.

Disclaimer: As you engage with these embodiment exercises, please listen to your body and participate only to the extent that feels comfortable. Always heed your body’s wisdom over the video’s instruction, and make modifications that help you feel safe and pain-free. As always, take what works and leave what doesn’t.

Chair Cat-Cow

Connect with your breath and body through this simple chair yoga pose you can do from the comfort of your seat.

Power Exhale

Join us for this breathing exercise that focuses on a long exhale, to activate your body’s parasympathetic state of rest.

4-7-8 Breathing

Bring your body into a state of relaxation with this breathing technique developed by Dr. Andrew Weil to help reduce anxiety.

Tense & Release Body Scan

Get energized and silly with GGN as we practice tensing and releasing different parts of our body, from head to toe.

Yoga for Ecological Grief

A self-paced online course for the tumult of these times

With Laura Johnson, PhD, RYT-500, TCYM

This timely and transformational self-paced online course is an embodied invitation to honor, open to, and move through our collective pain for the world in these times of intersecting crises, transition, and healing.

Beginning from a grounded place, this heart-supporting, heart-opening series cultivates compassion & equanimity, loving-kindness & joy, courage & resilience, all within a safe, trauma-conscious container.

Sliding scale pricing available.