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How to Navigate the Climate Crisis with Kids 

A workshop for parents & others who care for children ages 0-18 years

October 7, 2023 from 9am to 11am Pacific Time (U.S.)

As trusted adults, it is our job to help our children feel safe in the world, yet how do we offer security when the future is so uncertain?  How can we be honest with our children without scaring them? What is age-appropriate? Should we involve kids in climate activism, or will that place too big a burden on them? How can our understanding of children’s emotions help them to adapt?


Experienced Good Grief Network FLOW Facilitators Kristan Childs and Teddy Kellam offer support as you dive into these questions. Kristan is a longtime Hand-in-Hand Parenting instructor, and Teddy is a therapeutic counsellor (RTC anticipated autumn 2023).


  • Saturday, October 7th, 2023, 9:00am—11:00am Pacific Time (U.S.) (click here for a time zone converter)
  • On Zoom, link provided upon registration
  • Cost: sliding scale $30—$60 USD (no one will be turned away for lack of funds; contact to request a scholarship)
  • Deadline to sign up: October 5th

Meet Your Facilitators

Kristan Childs (M.A. Ed.) is a Hand in Hand Parenting instructor, a facilitator for the Good Grief Network, and is certified in both Ecopsychology and Climate Psychology. Former classroom teacher and outdoor educator, she is the mother of three young adults. She teaches parenting classes on a regular basis.

Teddy Kellam (M.A. Ed.) works at the intersection of climate, mental health and somatic practices. Certified in climate psychology, she is a mother of three, a Good Grief Network Facilitator, and a therapeutic counselor (registration anticipated autumn 2023).

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