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Good Grief in a time of Unraveling with Carolyn Baker – 4 May 2021

University of Utah Keynote with GGN cofounder LaUra Schmidt: Feeling & Healing in a time of Climate Chaos 

​​Speaking of Resilience Podcast: Turning Climate Grief & EcoAnxiety into Meaningful Action – 1 April 2021

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UPLIFT for passionate changemakers with Morgan Ruff: 10 Steps to Personal Resilience with Good Grief Network – 8 May 2020

Islands of Sanity with Carolyn Baker: Learning The Skill Of Grieving In A Time Of Loss, Part 2, Good Grief Network – 30 April 2020

Citizens’ Climate Radio: Ep. 47: Eco-grief in a time of coronavirus mourning – April 24, 2020

Six Seconds “Climate Of Emotions” Conference – April 21, 2020

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