A training for organizational representatives who want to facilitate 10-Step Programs


Is your community struggling to embrace these unprecedented times?
Do you feel called to help people connect and talk about the state of the world?
Do you want to work with others to reimagine meaningful activism?

This training is for you.

Through GGN’s training, the passion of the facilitators was palpable and I continued to feel I was in the right place, doing the right thing in these tumultuous times.

Rachel D.


The tips by the master- facilitators were extremely useful…

Susan I.


All of the facilitators held tremendous presence. They were real and named the places where they felt their own emotions coming up. That was a
great model for being authentic and how important that is to this work.

Josh H.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

I was surprised by how quickly I felt comfortable and brave to participate in the activities (thanks to some amazing facilitators)!

Cailey M.

Civic Well

As the planetary predicament intensifies, we need change-makers who can stay awake and open-hearted to the pain of these times without numbing or burning out.

We are being asked to return to community, to mutuality, to collective care, and yet many of us have forgotten how to be together. We must relearn how to hold depth, manage disagreement, and explore big questions without rushing to answers.

Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program is a space where communities can lean into hard/heart work, develop practices for managing tension, and attend to our overwhelming emotions.

We do this by sharing our stories, practicing self- and collective regulation, and reimagining what meaningful action we can take in tumultuous times.

This program offers a path out of despair and burnout and helps people regain a sense of connection and personal agency. You can read more about our program in Time Magazine, NBC News, Today Show, New York Times and more

GGN’s Affiliate Facilitation Training Intensive is a 12-hour training for the representatives of organizations that want to run a 10-Step Program within their communities. 

This training will take place on Zoom on two consecutive Saturdays and a Wednesday evening on the week in between:

September 24, 2022 from 9am to 2:30pm Pacific Time (U.S. & Canada)
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September 28, 2022 from 5pm to 7pm Pacific Time (U.S. & Canada)
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October 1st, 2022 from 9am to 2:30pm Pacific Time (U.S. & Canada)
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*If you can’t attend the dates above, click here to be notified of the next Affiliate Facilitation Training dates.


If you work with a nonprofit organization that wants to run a 10-Step Program in your community, this training is for you!

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If you work with an academic institution that wants to run a 10-Step Program at your institution, this training is for you!

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If you work with a faith-based organization that wants to run a 10-Step Program in your community, this training is for you!

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If you work with a company or corporation that wants to run a 10-Step Program for your team, this training is for you!

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Important note: If you want to run 10-Step Programs but you have no organizational affiliation, you can still train with us! GGN is offering an intensive, 12-week GGN FLOW Facilitation Training in early 2023 for individuals who want to become Certified GGN 10-Step FLOW Facilitators.

If you can’t make it to this training, click below to

The Curriculum

In this training, facilitators will:

      • Learn the philosophy and process of the 10-Step Program
      • Discuss the value of collective emotional processing
      • Practice techniques for building brave and emergent containers
      • Discuss best practices for setting group expectations
      • Practice how to manage tension, conflicting perspectives, and overwhelming emotions
      • Learn techniques for checking in with and caring for themselves as facilitators
      • Practice deep listening, compassion, and non-judgment 
      • Have opportunities to share their feelings in small groups
      • Explore creative ways to personalize the 10-Step Program to meet their community’s needs
      • Practice grounding exercises for individual regulation and collective co-regulation
      • Discuss best practices for setting up and promoting 10-Step meetings

After you train as an affiliate facilitator, you will receive:

      • A training certificate  to establish your role as an affiliate facilitator
      • An opportunity to  partner with GGN as an affiliate organization
      • An affiliate organization agreement 
      • GGN’s affiliate 10-Step Program logos to include in promotional materials
      • A copy of GGN’s Facilitation Package which includes over 75 pages of:
                • Facilitation guidelines
                • Best practices for setting up meetings
                • Sample expectations and norms
                • The 10-Step Participation Packet to be shared with meeting participants
                • Recommended resources for each step
                • Suggested talking points and check-in/check-out questions
                • Poetry recommendations
                • Journaling prompts
                • Sample grounding exercises
                • …as well as a few surprises

Meet Your Facilitators

Teddy Kellam

Teddy (she/her), M.A.(Ed) has responded to overlapping world crises by training as a transpersonal therapist (certification-2023), hiking in the forest daily, studying the Medicine Wheel, growing food, and facilitating 10-step groups for parents as a FLOW facilitator with the Good Grief Network.

A mother of three teens, hospice volunteer and caregiver for her own mother, Teddy has worked primarily in the non-profit sector. For a decade she developed curriculum/trainings and classes to help educators and parents integrate embodiment practices into children’s lives. Teddy is called to the intersection of climate and mental health – to support the supporters (parents, educators, therapists, social workers, caregivers, leaders, activists, and more). To that end she has enrolled in the 2022 Climate Psychology certification program through CIIS.

A white settler on Quw’utsun land, Teddy yearns to grow more spacious, to become a good ancestor, and to keep digesting these tumultuous times in order to open to more courage and pleasure. Teddy loves teaching trauma-informed embodiment, and she models presence, vulnerability and whole-heartedness with her groups.

Kristan Klingelhofer

Kristan (she/her) is an experienced Good Grief Network facilitator, with great warmth and a gift for creating supportive spaces. She co-leads 10-step groups as well as groups designed specifically for parents. Kristan’s eight years as a certified Hand in Hand parenting instructor have prepared her to help support parents during the uncertain times we live in. She has also co-developed and co-facilitates Affiliate Facilitator Training Intensives for Good Grief Network. 

Kristan worked as a high school English and History teacher, an Outward Bound Instructor, and a homeschooling mama. She has a master’s in education, and currently mentors early childhood educators as they embrace a more connection-based approach to teaching. Kristan believes that perhaps now more than ever, we need beauty and joy in our lives. She has an abundant garden, honeybees and chickens, and loves to hike along the California coast with her poetry notebook in hand. She has a certificate in Eco-psychology and is currently enrolled in a Climate Psychology certification program.

As a mother of 3 teenagers, Kristan sought out Good Grief Network because of her intense sadness and anxiety about the world that her children (and all children) will inherit, as well as her questions about how to parent well during these times. She believes that sharing feelings bravely and tenderly with others is an essential step toward personal resilience and community healing. She is honored to support others on this journey.

Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program is a peer-to-peer support group where people come together to process their heavy feelings about the state of the world, build resilient communities, and co-vision new futures. This program has helped thousands of people around the globe navigate heavy emotions, deconstruct cultural narratives, and redefine what meaningful action they can take for themselves and the collective.

Learn more about our 10-Step Program by clicking here.