WHY?!? Podcast

A Good Grief Network podcast with hosts Aimee Lewis-Reau and LaUra Schmidt.

Conversations concerning the big existential questions impacting the inner- and outer-worlds. Tune in and don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on ITUNES. If you like our work and want to help, check out our Patreon page and consider becoming a patron of ours!

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  • Episode 11: An Activist Journey
    Aimee and LaUra interview Adair Kovac, the Good Grief Network’s Utah organizer. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation about their path to activism, their journey, and how each of us can get involved in our community.
  • Episode 10: Boo! Leveraging Fear with Courage
    Aimee and LaUra talk about what scares them, they share insights and tools for how to combat fear, shine light on our inner-shadows, and the importance of civil discourse.
  • Episode 9: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
    Aimee and LaUra chat about their second week on the road where they presented at the Uplift Climate Conference in Albuquerque, NM. They were joined by a reporter, Avi Scher from NYC, where they presented practices and tactics for build community and psychosocial resilience.They chat about entering the flow state, emergence, standing on the shoulders of giants, and how inspiration and truth act as guides.
  • Episode 8: The Hard Stuff
    LaUra and Aimee discuss Aimee’s recent vision fast and how we must train ourselves to do difficult things to make ourselves better people and our world a better place.
  • Episode 7: Conflict as an Invitation to Go Deeper
    Aimee and LaUra dive into what it means to fall short of our individual ideals and how to use mistakes as an opportunity for deeper connection rather than sources of shame and isolation.
  • Episode 6: Ten Steps to Resilience in a Chaotic Climate
    LaUra and Aimee explain their 10 step program that leads to psychosocial resilience from systemic existential threats.
  • Episode 5: Why Grieve?
    Aimee and LaUra dive into their definition of grief and reflect on its importance for establishing individual resilience.
  • Episode 4: How Personal Grief Shapes Activism
    Aimee and LaUra share some tools they use to re-engage in activism when the despair seems suffocating.
  • Episode 3: WHY Good Grief?
    LaUra and Aimee explain the origins of the Good Grief Network.
  • Episode 2: Showing Up & The Shame Game
    LaUra and Aimee discuss what it means to “show up” in our lives, as activists, and for others.
  • Episode 1: Introduction
    Welcome to Episode One of the WHY?!? A Good Grief Network Podcast. Each week, Aimee Lewis-Reau and LaUra Schmidt answer questions about their progress on their book.