Aimee and Laura interview Adair Kovac, the Good Grief Network’s Utah organizer. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation about their path to activism, their journey, how each of us can get involved in our community, and the importance of self-care. While we sometimes need a break after advocating for a just future, forms of activism can be easy and lead to many unexpected rewards. Adair explores what it means to be an activist, why building community is important, and why it’s essential to create space for our emotions while the world is on fire.

The Salt Lake City branch of the Network meets Tuesdays, 6:30pm, at the First Unitarian Church in SLC. This group is also sponsored by the Environmental Ministry program. For more information, email adairkovac (at) gmail . com.

Utah’s Good Grief Network organizer, Adair Kovac.

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