Step-By-Step Changes By Carissa Wesson

by | Nov 29, 2018

Change isn’t easy. And it’s clear that how most of us (in the Western world) interact with this planet is deeply unsustainable How do we make change? How do we begin the journey?

This post is a guest contribution by Carissa Wesson:

I’ve been recycling for a few years but I knew there was more I could do to help reduce the amount of waste my household was producing.  Googling “ways to reduce waste in my household” produced so many articles, videos and infographics that it left me feeling so overwhelmed and not knowing where to even start.

After feeling that way for a few weeks I decided to take it one month and one item at a time and make a simple change each month. Starting with a simple thing from the articles; straws. I switched the household to reusable straws and started saying no thank you at restaurants when offered a straw. The household quickly adjusted and it was onto the next month where I decided on reusable bags to be used at the grocery store. That $10 investment in a few reusable bags is still being utilized 8 months later.

By making one change every month my household has been able to make seamless adjustments that are having a big impact on the world one straw, plastic bag and toothbrush at a time.

Monthly List:

  • Straws
  • Reusable Bags
  • Stopped using product bags at the grocery store
  • Going Green with all my bills and other mail
  • Reusable coffee cups for on the go
  • Changed hair/beauty products who’s containers can be recycled or come in recycled bottles
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Biodegradable Toothbrushes
  • Safety Razors

Next month: co-op or farmers market for bulk items

What are you doing to transform your life? Someone once told me to focus on “one thing each day, every day,” I challenge you to begin taking steps to change your consumption.