Resources To Go Further Into Step 1

by | Oct 19, 2018

Step 1: Accept the Problem & Its Severity

Resources to go further: 

-Article: “The People Paradox: Self-Esteem Striving, Immortality Ideologies, and Human Response to Climate Change” (AKA How Death Anxiety Contributes To Our Current And Future Problems)

-Article: “Transforming Despair: An Interview with Joanna Macy

-BOOK: Active Hope: How To Face The Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy

-Article: “We Need Courage, Not Hope, To Face Climate Change

– Perspectives on Recent IPCC Findings:

(The Guardian)



(Another Grist)


“Acceptance does not mean surrender. It does not mean resignation. Acceptance means I am finally available to the entire spectrum of creative responses.”  – Trebbe Johnson, Radical Joy For Hard Times