How to Live in a Chaotic Climate:

10 Steps to Reconnect with Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Planet

A new book from LaUra Schmidt, Aimee Lewis Reau, & Chelsie Rivera

Coming August 2023 from Shambhala Publications

A 10-step holistic guide to help you cope with the climate crisis, from the founders of the Good Grief Network—our very own LaUra Schmidt and Aimee Lewis Reau!

Filled with 30 practices and reflection questions, each step builds off the last to help readers process grief, uncertainty, and painful emotions, while also looking toward where we can make positive changes. The practices include journaling, dancing through grief, rituals for what and those we’ve lost, loving-kindness meditations, and many more.

LaUra Schmidt and Aimee Lewis Reau founded Good Grief Network, one of the first emotional support groups for people with eco-distress. There are now 10-Step groups that meet all over the world following these same ten steps, including:

  • accepting the severity of the predicament
  • developing awareness of our own biases and perceptions
  • taking breaks
  • reinvesting in meaningful efforts
  • practicing gratitude
  • sitting with uncertainty

The authors draw on personal stories and testimonials, as well as the work of long-time activists like Joanna Macy, to find inner peace and outer purpose within the chaos of the current climate.

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