10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate

Are you having trouble coping during such painful and unprecedented times? Are you looking to build your emotional intelligence and personal resilience? Do you feel isolated and need a supportive community? Do you see collapse on the horizon?  Do you want to discover new ways to reinvest your time and energy into meaningful efforts?


This group is for you.

Good Grief Network 10-Step Digital Sessions:

*Join facilitation team Kasia Stepien (Canada), Sarah Birch (South Africa), and Andrew Harrell (US) for the 10-week session Sundays starting February 7, 2021 at 10am Mountain Time. (Every Time Zone)
***Click here to participate.***

 *Join facilitation team Kristan Klingelhofer (US), Bradley Pitts (US), and Teddy Kellam (Canada) for the 10-week session Tuesdays starting February 9, 2021 at 5pm Mountain Time. (Every Time Zone)
***Click here to participate.***

*Join facilitation team LuAnn Cooley, Sarah Stoeckl, and Karen Hansen for the 10 week session Mondays starting March 15, 2021 at 5pm Mountain Time. (Every Time Zone)
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What is this program about?

GGN’s 10-Step Program is a peer-to-peer support group where people come together for 10 weeks to build community, process our heavy and painful feelings about the state of the world, and identify meaningful actions each of us can take. Each group is facilitated by GGN-trained facilitators; this is not a therapy program.

We prioritize an intimate group experience, capping each group at 15 participants, including the 3-person facilitation team. 

This 10-week program is process-based, meaning that the weekly meetings are initial introductions to each of the 10 steps. The real work happens when you begin to integrate these lessons into your daily life.

While in the meetings, we share our experiences, wisdom, and passions with each other. We co-create a safe container to practice being vulnerable and calming our nervous systems. We express our emotions, explore new ways of thinking and seeing the predicaments, and open to creative responses that become available once we process our feelings and connect with others. We build resilient community by learning how to see people again and co-envisioning life-sustaining paradigms for the future.

GGN’s 10-Step Program has been mentioned/covered by CBS, NBC, MSN, RollingStone, Outside Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, CBC, Yale Climate Connections, NPR, Reuters, Daily Beast, Medscape, Deutsche Welle (DW), USA Today, Grist, LA Times, The Guardian, Washington Post and The Weather Channel.

To read more about each step, view our piece: “Tools for the Awakening


When and how do we meet?

We meet for at the same time for 10 consecutive weeks on Zoom. Your facilitators will send you a weekly reminder email with a Zoom link. 


What happens at the meetings?

We open every meeting by reading the same introduction.

Next, members of the group check in. The check-in questions vary each week, giving us an opportunity to get to know each other.

Then, facilitators lead the group in a short embodiment exercise and make space for announcements.

Next up, the facilitators will introduce the group to the step we’re working on that week. They will read the text of the step and share a bit about how they engage with that step in their own life.

Then, we open the floor for personal sharing. Each person is invited, though not required, to share what’s on their heart and what the step brings up in them. There will be space for each person to share at least once. Group sharing is not a discussion; we avoid cross talk, and instead, share a part of our journey, and witness others share parts of theirs.

After folks have shared, the facilitators lead the group in a brief check-out, to help close the space.

As our time comes to a close, the facilitators read a closing each and the meeting by reading a short poem. 

Testimonials From Previous 10-Step Participants

  • “The 10-Steps left me with a greater understanding of myself as well as questions I will continue to work with. I also gained an understanding of the intersection between personal and planetary resilience and a sense of hope that this community can create the new paradigm.” – Shalini K.
  • “I think the connection aspect of the group and non-judgmental space that is held in the group for people to openly say how they feel and be able to learn and grow from other perspectives is an incredibly useful tool. I am so glad to have found this group!” – Abbey K.
  • “Being part of the caring, articulate community that GGN creates is wonderful; it really did help mitigate feelings of isolation, helplessness, etc.” – Laurel R.
  • “Good Grief Network has helped me metabolize a build-up of climate grief that was leading to burn out and downshifting. Participating in the Good Grief Network is helping me continue my climate activism with more balance, resilience, and presence.” – Park G.

What is required of you?

Attendance. Please try to attend all 10 meetings. We know this is a big commitment, and this program honors your time with a big offering of resources and support in return; the process works best when you show up! 

*Of course, we understand that emergencies and urgent needs arise. We just want you to think about whether you can make this program a priority for these weeks, and if not, allow us to offer the space to someone else who needs these support services at this time. 

An open heart and open mind. We are sitting with people from different places and inviting different worldviews and experiences into the circle, and we ask that you respect these differences in perspective, whether or not you fully understand or agree with them. 

Vulnerability. The process works best if you show up, both physically and emotionally. Showing up requires that the willingness to be vulnerable. Can you share from a place of honesty? We will do our best to take care and create a safe container for you.

Patience. Patience with yourself and everyone else in the group is essential to participation. We’ll be talking about a lot of difficult topics, so we must each try to recognize that we’re all at different stage of this journey, and all doing our best to make sense of uncharted territory.

Attention to your mental health. Because this isn’t a therapy group, we need to know that you’re taking care of yourself. Do you have a supportive partner or friend to check in with after the meetings? Do you have a therapist? Do you know how to find a therapist if you need one?

Integrity. You can arrive as your full self for us. Be authentic, be kind, and please be you.

How much should I pay for the program?

Please consider the following questions before deciding the offering that is appropriate for you:

  • In this program, we will help you reframe the global predicament, teach a variety of emotional regulation tools, and offer access to a live intimate, supportive community for 10 weeks. What are these offerings worth to you?
  • Each 10-Step meeting is led by a team of three GGN-trained facilitators, who are available to support you throughout your 10-week journey, both in and out of meetings. What is the value of our team’s time, energy, and leadership?
  • What is the “hourly rate” that your culture has assigned to your time? Please consider a minimum fee that is equal to 20 hours at your average hourly rate.
  • What offering covers a meaningful investment into this 10-week journey and is also within your means to pay?

    GGN’s suggested offering is $500 USD for our 10-week program, 
    and $150 USD is the minimum we can accept, for financially-constrained participants. (That’s $15-$50 per 2-hour meeting.) We do not want finances to be an obstacle to participation, so if you cannot pay the minimum, please email info@goodgriefnetwork.orgwe reserve one spot in each group for a work exchange. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

    To sign up, please click the link above that says ***Click here to participate.*** for the group that fits best for you.


All Good Grief Network facilitators have participated in a 30-hour live online training with GGN’s cofounders, Aimee Lewis Reau and LaUra Schmidt. Our facilitators are trained to holding space, cultivating emergent processes, manage tension, cultivate emotional intelligence and body awareness, and have participated in an in-depth study of each of the 10-Steps.


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