Good Grief Network Presents:

“10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate”

There is so much pain and uncertainty in the world right now. Are you having trouble coping during such unprecedented times? Are you looking to build your emotional intelligence and personal resilience? Do you feel isolated and need a supportive community? Do you see collapse on the horizon? Are you grappling with how to move forward or how to be a change-agent in such painful and chaotic times? Do you want to discover new ways to reinvest your time and energy into meaningful efforts?

This group is for you.


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  •  Tuesdays, starting July 21, 2020 at 6pm (Mountain Time) facilitated by Josh Swenson & Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg. (Meetings are two hours) FULL.

What is this program about?

It’s a peer-to-peer support group practicing presencing. It’s not a therapy program. This 10-week program is process-based, meaning the weekly meetings are the initial introduction. The real work happens when you integrate these lessons into your life. While in the meetings, we come together and share our experiences, wisdom, and passions with each other. We move through our emotions, open to new ways of thinking and seeing the predicament, and hopefully open to creative responses that are available to us. We create a safe container to practice being vulnerable and calming our nervous system. We build community and learn how to really see people again.

    GGN’s 10-Step program has been mentioned or covered by CBS, NBC, MSN, RollingStone, Outside Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, CBC, Yale Climate Connections, NPR, Reuters, Daily Beast, Medscape, Deutsche Welle (DW), USA Today, Grist, LA Times, The Guardian, Washington Post and The Weather Channel.

    When Do We Meet?

    Each week at the selected time for 10 weeks in a row. Meetings are two hours long.

    What are the meetings like?
    We open by reading the same introduction each week. Then, we’ll move to a group check in. Check ins vary each week and this provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Next up, some space for announcements. Following that, we’ll introduce which step we’re working on – we’ll read a little about the step and the facilitator will share a bit about why the step is important to them. Then, we open the floor for personal sharing. Each person is invited, though not required, to share what’s on his/her heart and what the step brings up in him/her. There will be space for each person to share at least once. This is not a discussion – we try to minimize cross talk. Instead, we’re sharing a part of our journey with the group. As our time comes to a close, we’ll read the same closing each week and end with a group check out.

    What’s Required From You?

    • Attendance. Please try to make all 10 meetings. We know it’s a big commitment. (If you cannot make it to all 10, that’s okay, you can still participate, but the process works better if you show up!)
    • An open heart and open mind. We are inviting different worldviews and experiences into the circle, we ask that you respect the differences. We’ll do the same for you.
    • Tracking your mental health. Because this isn’t a therapy group, we need to know you’re taking care of yourself. Do you have a supportive partner or friend to check in with after the meetings? Do you have a therapist? Do you know how to find a therapist if you need one?
    • Vulnerability. The process works best if you show up and showing up requires that we be vulnerable. Share from a place of honesty. We will do our best to take care and create a safe container for you.
    • Patience. Patience with yourself and everyone else in the group. We’ll be chatting about a lot of difficult things and we’re all just trying our best to make sense of this uncharted territory.
    • Integrity. Be authentic, be kind, be you.





    Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg

    Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg (she/her) is a writer, lawyer, and curious Earth-dweller. Since childhood, Sarah has observed the grace and suffering in the world around her and wondered, “what is mine to do?” She has spent a lifetime attempting to answer that question by focusing her attention on international human rights, climate justice activism, therapeutic introspection, foreign language education, and most recently, community resilience-building. She found Good Grief Network while searching for safe spaces to navigate the heavy emotions she experiences while attempting to live in joy and service during the climate crisis. She currently spends her days balancing work, rest, play, and reverence for the Northern California cherry blossoms.  


    Joshua Swenson

     Joshua Swenson is a writer and stay-at-home father. His fiction might be considered Weird Cli-Fi, Post-Science Fiction, or Enchantivism – exploring how humans might continue to evolve in strange ways as they reconnect with the rest of life on Earth. As a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he is an eager hiker and gardener, an amateur naturalist and admirer of the more-than-human world. Joshua could stare for hours into a single tidepool. He believes that wonder is an essential survival skill in the Anthropocene. 

    LaUra Schmidt

    LaUra is the founding director of the Good Grief Network. She is a Warrior for the Human Spirit and a Climate Reality Leader/Mentor. LaUra has an MS in Environmental Humanities and a BS in Environmental Studies, Religion, and Biology. She has led 15 “10-step” sessions to date and when she’s not building GGN, she’s playing with her terrier mutt, Gus.


    Aimee Lewis Reau

    Aimee, cofounder, and GGN’s FLOW Facilitator,Fierce.Lover.Of.Words.Wisdom.Why. She feels that being a facilitator is one of the roles she was born to undertake. Her favorite place to be is on her yard swing, contemplating the complexities of this period in human history. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction and has a BA in Poetry with a minor in Religion. Aimee has led 14 “10-Step” sessions to date.








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