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The state of the world seems unmanageable, chaotic even. For those of us paying attention, awareness of our systemic issues is confusing and painful.

You may feel pulled to act, but don’t know what to do.

•Do you want to transform the status quo so it protects the basic rights the majority of folks and not just desires of the 1%?
•Do you feel a nudge to help protect ecosystems and biodiversity?
•Do you yearn to preserve the best parts of being alive and pass it to future generations?
•Do you view all people as equal and think no one deserves to starve?
•Do you feel the need to protect the voiceless?
•Do you want to live in a world with less violence and more cooperation?
•Do you want a better life with fewer work hours, more time with your loved ones, and rich experiences?
•Are you unsure of your skills and how you can contribute positively to your community?

You are not alone; we want those things too! In fact, we know we need them. The old paradigm is fading and we want to help usher in the new one: one based in genuine love, mutual respect, life-preserving, over-consumption fighting, and lending a helping hand.

The Good Grief Network opens peoples’ hearts. Each of us possesses tremendous wisdom within that we have been conditioned to ignore. By appealing to our brains with research and resources, we open the door for more heart-centered work. We provide a gateway to practice opening and trusting our hearts, to transcend fear and re-establish connections. This creates a foundation of resilience and strength to show up outwardly as activists and advocates for the things we love and care about.

Through a variety of techniques, we facilitate the metabolization of heavy feelings which puts us at risk for burnout, falling into despair, ecoanxiety, or depression. We build psychosocial resilience to help each person uncover their greatest strengths and determine how best to contribute to the world we want to co-create. We provide tools and an encouraging community that helps overcome denial, and prevent hopelessness, helplessness, activism fatigue, and burn out. These tools are necessary for anyone looking to sustain themselves for the long haul.

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Until then, As Joanna Macy says, “The heart that breaks open can hold the whole universe. Your heart is that large. Trust it. Keep breathing.”