10 Steps to PsychoSocial Resilience

by | Mar 19, 2018

Want to cultivate personal resilience while being a part of a community? Do you feel that someone is not quite right and you’re living in a type of matrix? Want to dig deep into systemic issues and help yourself and others come to terms with what we’re experiencing and will face? Are you ready for open and honest dialogue? Join us – open minds and hearts required.

We’ll tackle one step a week until they’re finished. Join us for one or for all 10. Though the location will change, we’ll meet 6:30-8:30pm each Tuesday. Be sure to check with the organizers or on FB to see the location for each week.

10 Steps to Resiliency:

1. Accept The Problem And Its Severity (March 20, Mestizo Coffee House, 631 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116)
2. Acknowledge That I Am Part Of The Problem As Well As The Solution (March 27)
3. Practice Embracing Uncertainty (April 3)
4. Confront My Own Mortality And The Mortality Of All (April 10)
5. Do Inner Work (April 17)
6. Feel My feelings (April 24)
7. Take Breaks And Rest As Needed (May 1)
8. Practice Gratitude (May 8)
9. Show Up (May 15)
10. Reinvest Into Problem-Solving Efforts (May 22)