It’s tough being an aware, awake person in this culture.

Each day seems to bring more bad news: more natural disasters, more hate-fueled actions, more division, and more reminders that our culture is destroying our planetary lifelines. 

We at the Good Grief Network are aware of the pain, anger, grief and other heavy emotions that are present when we face these predicaments. You are not alone. We feel these things too and want to invite you to join our community of committed, aware citizens who want to build personal resilience and transform feelings of powerlessness into empowerment!

We are pleased to announce our next round of “10-Steps to Personal Resilience and Empowerment.” We have two simultaneous groups that will run, both starting on April 16th.

The official time for those of you in North America is Tuesday evenings, staring April 16th, at 6:30pm (Mountain Time).

And for Europe: Staring Tuesday, April 16th at 7:30pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time / Coordinated Universal Time).

To secure your place in the 10-Step Program, we will need you to make a $100** donation to our digital platform Ko-Fi (please add the note “10-Step Program” and either “Europe” or “North America” when making the donation) or through our cart feature on our website.

What To Expect:

Everyone must all sign onto the “Good Grief Network Norms & Expectations” contract that I will send once you confirm your presence in the group.

We will be meeting once weekly for about an hour and a half on a digital platform.

This program runs 10 weeks. We work one step each week in community.

I capture the resources mentioned throughout the meetings and email them over to you for you to peruse at a later time if you’re interested. Additionally, I will share the large body of resources I’ve been collecting over the years for you to strengthen your knowledge of our collective predicaments.

The goal, when each step is worked is to live grounded in wisdom with social constructions broken down, so we can begin to think outside of the box and work toward solutions to our current predicaments.

Through this process, we build community, personal resilience, empowerment, and also strengthen our unique skills and talents.

Here is part of our manual so you can see the types of things we’ll be working on together.

If you  miss a week, we will record the session and share it with only those signed up to participate.

After you make a donation, I will send you a confirmation email with the link to our digital meeting space and our “Norms & Expectations” contract.

Don’t forget to make your payment and secure your spot: $100** using our cart feature on our website or through Ko-Fi (if using Ko-Fi, please add the note “10-Step Program” and either “Europe” or “North America” when making the donation).

**If $100 is out of your price range, there is a sliding scale from $33-100 (whatever you can afford). We don’t want this work to be money-dependent, but we also have to sustain ourselves. If $33 is difficult, you are welcome to make a small weekly donation for each meeting.)