Coaching & Consulting

The Good Grief Network opens peoples’ hearts. Each of us possesses tremendous wisdom within that we have been conditioned to ignore. By appealing to our brains with research and resources, we open the door for more heart-centered work. We provide a gateway to practice opening and trusting our hearts, to transcend fear and re-establish connections. This creates a foundation of resilience and strength to show up outwardly as activists and advocates for the things we love and care about.

Through a variety of techniques, we facilitate the metabolization of heavy feelings which puts us at risk for burnout, falling into despair, ecoanxiety, or depression. We build psychosocial resilience to help each person uncover their greatest strengths and determine how best to contribute to the world we want to co-create. We provide tools and an encouraging community that helps overcome denial, and prevent hopelessness, helplessness, activism fatigue, and burn out. These tools are necessary for anyone looking to sustain themselves for the long haul.

Schedule an online coaching session or free consultation with Aimee and LaUra, both founders of the Good Grief Network, please fill out this form.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Do you need help building resilience? Coming together as community? Facing the facts? The Good Grief Network is here to help! 

You can book Aimee and LaUra for a workshop or speaking engagement and learn tools to help work through the collective grieving process and find inspiration to re-engage in your community.

Need help establishing a branch of the Good Grief Network in your area? Aimee & LaUra would love to help you set up your 10-Steps to Psychosocial Resilience program.

Our Step program can be reformatted for a variety of needs. Using a variety of modalities, we will facilitate the building of personal resilience and help folks reconnect to oneself, others, and the natural world.

For a workshop, speaking engagement, or to help establish a branch of the Good Grief Network in your community, please contact us using the form below.