A call for submissions!

Has Good Grief Network’s 10-Step program changed how you relate to the global predicament?

Has it helped you cope and see the world anew?

GGN’s co-founders, LaUra Schmidt and Aimee Lewis Reau, are looking for GGN member stories to include in their upcoming book from Shambhala Publications. The book focuses on the 10-Step program and their philosophy behind each step. They will choose a handful of stories to be featured in their book and yours can be one of them. 

These essays or stories should explore the themes of grief, uncertainty, beauty and meaning, coping, healing, integration and wholeness, parenting, social justice, facilitation, or any other expression of how GGN has helped you. Each submission must be between 300-750 words in length. 

If you want to submit another form of art (poetry, photo, comic, etc.) with a description of how GGN’s 10-Step Program has impacted you, contact LaUra and Aimee using the email address below.

Please email your submission, in a word document, to goodgriever@gmail.com by August 5th to be considered.