Ya know, I think it’s brilliant that folks can do a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. I usually ask for donations for some type of animal rescue – and I will do that when I am more financially grounded.

But — for my 33rd birthday, this year, my ask is that you consider supporting Aimee and me in the work we do with Good Grief Network by becoming a Patron of ours. For a monthly donation of $1+, our work can continue, meaning we can help folks build personal resilience while strengthening community ties to help combat despair, inaction, eco-anxiety, and other heavy emotions in the face of daunting systemic problems.

Nearly 9 months ago, Aimee and I packed up our lives in Salt Lake City and relocated to Nebraska’s panhandle to build the Network. It’s not been easy. We miss our community. We miss being able to pay our bills. We miss the mountains, the rivers, the waterfalls. We miss the dog parks. We miss the breweries, and access to vegetarian restaurants and fun activities. We miss public transit and even Lyft/Uber. We miss access to dog sitters. We miss a lot….

However, we have had the time to really dig into building the Network. 
In that time, we’ve:
•been featured in 8 articles (CBC, NBC, MSN, and NPR to name a few)
•run through one entire “10-Steps to Personal Resilience” digital step program, and are concurrently running 2 more (with 2 more on the horizon)
•led a workshop at the Uplift Climate Conference and have been invited to present at an Ecopsychology Conference in California. 
•been interviewed for podcasts.
•started our own podcast: https://www.goodgriefnetwork.org/why-a-good-grief-network-po…/
•met with folks around the world trying to help them start their own rounds of the “10-Step program” in their communities.
•truly been building a network of folks dedicated to co-creating a new paradigm as this one is quickly dying out. 
•also been fortunate enough to create space and time for reading, yoga and meditation.

If you believe in what we do, or have benefitted in any way, please become a Patron of ours and ensure that this work continues.

With Love & Gratitude,
-LaUra Schmidt