Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses: An Introduction by Aimee Lewis Reau

Step 1: Accept the Severity of the Predicament
(Video) Cat/Cow Pose

    Step 2: Acknowledge That I Am Part of The Problem & Solution
    (Video) Sphynx, Fish, Bow Poses

    Step 3: Practice Being With Uncertainty
    (Video) Infinity Shakes

    Step 4: Honor My Own Mortality & The Mortality of All
    (Video) Forward Fold

    Step 5: Do Inner Work
    (Video) Tree & Warrior Poses

    Step 6: Develop Awareness of Brain Patterns & Perception
    (Video) Plank Pose

    Step 7: Practice Gratitude
    (Video) Goddess Pose

    Step 8: Take Breaks & Rest
    (Video) Sleeping Swan Pose

    Step 9: Show Up

    Step 10: Reinvest into Meaningful Efforts