Think Resilience: Preparing Communities for the Rest of the 21st Century
We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval, which begs a profoundly important question: What should we do? We at Post Carbon Institute believe that, among other things, two areas of engagement are absolutely critical:

  1. Understand the true nature of the challenges we as a society face.
  2. Build community resilience

(consisting of 22 video lectures by Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, totaling about 4 hours) at your own leisure.

The Stories We Live By
“WHAT’S THE COURSE ABOUT? The social and ecological issues that humanity currently faces are so severe that they call into question the fundamental stories that societies are based on. Ecolinguistics provides tools for revealing the stories we live by, questioning them from an ecological perspective, and contributing to the search for new stories to live by. The course examines a wide range of texts from advertisements, lifestyle magazines and economics textbooks to surfing guides, Native American sayings and Japanese animation. In each case, the question is whether the stories that underlie texts encourage us to care about people and the ecosystems that life depends on…
“MORE ABOUT THE COURSE: The course is based on the Routledge book Ecolinguistics: language, ecology and the stories we live by. It describes eight ways that language encodes the stories that society is based on: ideologies, framings, metaphors, evaluations, identities, convictions, erasure and salience. Each part of the course covers one of these types of story and includes notes, exercises, videos and (for those who register) discussion groups and additional materials.”
“Stories are the secret reservoir of values: change the stories that individuals or nations live by and you change the individuals and nations themselves.” (Ben Okri).

Awakening the Dreamer
A transformative educational program that explores the challenges facing humanity at this critical moment in time and the opportunities we as a human family have to create a new future.

Game Changer Intensive
The Game Changer Intensive is a unique online course that will inspire you and equip you to become a game-changing leader in the world.

Environmental Humanities: Remaking Nature
In this course, “you’ll get a broad overview of an emerging area of interdisciplinary research that reframes contemporary environmental challenges using approaches from philosophy, literature, language, history, anthropology, cultural studies and the arts.”



Michael Dowd
Transformation without Apocalypse
Joanna Macy: Shambhala Warrior Prophecy
The Voyage from Despair to Hope: Resilience & Mindful Advocacy in 2017
Susanne C. Moser, Ph.D.: Getting Real: When Climate Change Comes Home
Prince Ea


Conversation Earth
On Being With Krista Tippett
Lifeboat Hour With Carolyn Baker


Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action
Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality
How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power