Facilitating The 10-Steps 

Photo Credit: Leah Hogsten

Facilitating a brave and healing space is no easy task.


Do you have experience facilitating? Have you worked with a therapist or other healer to clear your past traumas? Are you able to keep from projecting your issues onto others in circle?

We at the Good Grief Network are creating spaces to help train and empower facilitators. We will be rolling out a Facilitation Training Course in the coming months. We’re in the early stages of planning, but if you’re interested, please sign up now and we’ll email you as the Training becomes available.

Are you an experienced facilitator? Bring the “10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment” Program Home To Your Community.

Included In E-Manual: List of Step-Specific Resources, Suggested Expectations & Norms, Facilitator Tips, Meeting Script, the 10-Steps and Their Readings, Talking Points, and More….

We ask $100 for our time, energy, and resources in putting this program together.

Digital Facilitation Package for Experienced Facilitators: